LAS VEGAS, NV May 19, 2004

— WTO ruled that Antigua was right in complaining against US ban of offshore online casinos. Will this sentence and the current budget situation of US federal/state administration drive to the legalization and taxation of online casinos in USA?

The first blog where people can discuss about legalizing (or not legalizing), regulating and taxing online gaming, is online at Online casinos and online gambling related issues are discussed here, from the citizen and player point of view

People supporting legalization say that online gaming is an entertaining activity; a natural partner of landbased gaming in a Country where people play at casinos, racing tracks, boats; a soft way to provide financial means to school, health care and other public services without raising existing taxes, but just introducing a new taxable income.

People against legalization say that the age of people playing online games can’t be verified and minors can take their parents’ card to play; the fairness of the game odds is not insured; the honesty of the gaming operatos is not guaranteed.

Franz R. Winner, ( President, says: “There’s something we can say for sure from a business point of view: many countries allow online gaming, while US companies cannot run an online casino. This means the IRS is losing everyday a huge amount of taxable profits which are going somewhere else. Imagine to have an online casino operated by leading landbased US casinos: players from the whole world would play with them, generating taxable income and employment. Instead of rising in tax or cutting services, online gaming revenue would provide a good source of assets to use for the benefit of US citizens”. is a leading American and international casino community. With interactive areas for users, business services for gaming operators and editorial contents, established a new standard for gaming communities. is an independent community, with useful contents and open to all gaming operators.